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Flintstone is pleased to announce the successful installation of their pull through mooring connector system for the Kraken oilfield, one of the regions largest developments and the high profile Mariner field, both projects located to the East of Shetland in the UK sector of the North Sea.  The pull through mooring connectors provide a means of simple connection and disconnection of mooring lines to mid water buoys or floating facilities and have the additional benefit of reducing the make-up time by more than 80%, saving several days of installation time on each project, improving safety, whilst using simple rigging.  The connectors are made up using an ROV and pull through line from a support vessel.


Flintstone design and manufacture a range off mooring system products including fairleads and chain stoppers, subsea mooring connectors and in line connection components such as H links.   Flintstone challenge, improve and deliver.


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Pull Through Mooring Connector installation images below…

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