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Latest News – Flintstone Technology World Vision Bangladesh

On receipt of the Purchase Order for Moheshkhali, Flintstone began to support World Vision Bangladesh (WVB), a humanitarian organisation is dedicated to the well being of children, especially the most vulnerable children, their families and communities. It is committed to serve and partner with people in need regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender and ability.

At present World Vision Bangladesh is serving around 5 million people under 31 administrative districts. With active presence in 80 locations at sub-district level, the organisation is working for fulfilling its objective ‘Building a better life for girls and boys in Bangladesh’. For achieving its current objective WVB laid emphasis on 4 major strategic areas:

  1. Improve health and nutrition status of mothers and children

  2. Improve access to and quality of education

  3. Ensure children are protected and cared for

  4. Increase community resilience

World Vision first involved with Bangladesh by responding the cyclone victims of Bhola in 1970 during devastating tidal surges in the coastal areas of the country. Later the organisation carried out relief operations in refugee camps in India in 1971. Following Bangladesh’s independence in 1972 it started relief and rehabilitation programmes as per invitation of the Bangladesh Government.